Our greatest strength lies in UNITY. By uniting as a body of believers, we are going to help every member attain financial stability by freeing each one from the bondage of interest rates created by financial giants of this nation, (banks and other financial institutions). By being a member, you will have the opportunity to opt in the rent and mortgage program.

How Does this Work?

  • BHB will pay off your mortgage and wipe off your interest rate thereby allowing you to pay back to the group monthly, by deduction from your benefits.
  • In cases where we can’t afford to pay off your mortgage, we will work on your credit and refinance your mortgage at a lower interest rate.
  • For those renting, we will acquire homes and apartments and rent out to our members at highly discounted rates. This allows members to save and have the freedom to worship God whenever they want.
  • Cars will be paid off to eliminate interest rates so as to reduce your debt and lower your payment. This also is another avenue for savings.
  • Details of this programs will be released to you upon request, and you will be served on a first come first serve basis.