ALMS: Let your good deeds be known

BHB will open its doors to the less privileged by reaching out with food, clothing, and shelter arrangements. In some parts of the world, BHB will help with books and tuition for orphans. We will help widows and widowers. The BHB community will be called upon to make one-time donations so as to show love to our fellow brothers and sisters in crisis.


BHB Through its community of believers will have the opportunity and the privilege to sponsor a child, a widow, an orphan, someone in the hospital, a student or anyone of their choice in need. This initiative provides a platform for Christians to show love and demonstrate kindness throughout the universe. Qualifying needs for sponsorship are; Rents Utility- Gas, water and electricity Urgent Medical bill


Members of the network will benefit from negotiated group rates on utilities, hotel accommodation, flight tickets, car rental, mobile services, internet services etc. These discounts will be made disclosed to members by text or emails, once they become available.


Members will be offered the opportunity to repair their credit, pay off certain debts so as to show a strong financial character. Credit repair companies will be chosen by BHB executives and made available to the members at a discounted rate. We are lenders and not borrowers (Deut. 28:12). This will enable members to maintain good credit as well as a good credit profile.


Our greatest strength lies in UNITY. By uniting as a body of believers, we are going to help every member attain financial stability by freeing each one from the bondage of interest rates created by financial giants of this nation, (banks and other financial institutions). By being a member, you will have the opportunity to opt in the rent and mortgage program. How Does this Work? BHB will pay off your mortgage and wipe off your interest rate thereby allowing you to pay back to the group monthly, by deduction from your benefits. In cases where we can’t afford to pay off your mortgage, we will work on your credit and refinance your mortgage at a lower interest rate. For...


As a member of BHB, you don’t worry about your utility being disconnected ever again. In the event your bill falls on a date when your paycheck has not been released and your benefit has not been paid, “don’t worry, we got your back.” Instead of suffering disconnection and paying late fee and reconnection fee, BHB will cover you and charge a small service fee.


Our goal at BHB is to make every believer; a) Financially Stable b) Free to worship when and how they want c) Become an employer and not the employee d) Share Love and Kindness in their community. As a result, our business team will research and locate the most profitable businesses for the previous year and match interested parties within the BHB Community to partner and invest in such businesses. Management of these businesses will be the responsibility of BHB team of business experts while the partners undergo the training necessary to run the business for themselves. During this period, monthly or quarterly activity summary reports will be provided to the business partners as well as their profits.   For...


BHB will allow its members the opportunity to open a college fund account for their children. Monthly deductions will be made and our investment experts will invest the funds in a market account that will yield interest over the long run. This will allow you to sponsor your child in college without the burden of student loans. Quarterly statements will be sent to you to update you on the performance of your invested funds. For more details, contact the BHB office.