About Us

BHB is a model crowdfunding platform made up of a community of Christian believers around the globe, totally committed to supporting one other. Founded upon the Biblical standard according the Book of Acts, we are poised to emulate and promote the act of KINDNESS, LOVE and CARE among the people of the Christian faith. We strive to build a system of stability and sustenance by empowering people and organizations who engage in faith-based projects. Through the selfless act of GIVING, we provide support, inspire ideas, care for the less-privileged, restore hope and win souls for Christ.

Act 4:32-35

True believers are united by one purpose of heart and whatever they possess, they share among themselves in love. They experience enormous grace given by the power of the resurrection of Christ to the Apostles. Everyone is faithful in remitting proceeds of their ventures and possessions, hence they flourish in abundance and provide all the needs of everyone. 

Our Vision

We aspire to use the simple act of Love and Kindness to expand God’s Kingdom by restoring all lost souls and bringing peace to the Christian community as well as eradicate poverty among believers at all levels and in all places across the globe..

Our Mission

We aim to create the most systematic crowdfunding platform by assembling the largest community of Christian believers all over the world through a network most effective in sharing the abundance of God’s Kingdom obtained through teachings and mutual support among members.